Photo-books have always been a great statement of the artist and photographer. Personally holding a book in your hands is simply not the same experience as thumbing through images on an iPhone. Over the years I’ve noticed prevailing interest in the photographic world. I believe strong art reflects the times we live in and feel that gathering work into book form, gives a bicultural and ongoing opportunity for deepening reflection, more than what a magazine might do to expose a situation or the online immediacy we now have to focus attention.



I traveled to Africa to capture images that would speak for themselves. This container of photographs might say, “This is Rwanda” or something totally indifferent. Motoring through Kigali I was presented with city, farmland and quiet villages. I can tell you that by the time my trip was over I was convinced that this country is a happening place. Today I’m thrilled to share my experience and visual narrative with you. (May, 2019)

$60.00 (6.99 shipping)
Large Square, 12×12 in, 30×30 cm
24 Pages, Luster paper


Birds singing lies — (Series III)

Whether you’re someone who simply appreciates a visual narrative or a photo book expert who obsesses over the printing, the type of paper, the binding, or even the smell of a book you will sink into the personality of this object. (November, 2018)

$100.00 (6.99 shipping)
Large Landscape, 13x11 in, 33x28 cm 56 pages
Proline Pearl photo paper


Sonata — Minimal Study (Series II)

This photographic book is a concentration of work over a 3 year period of studying minimalism and the elements of design. (November, 2018)

$70.00 (6.99 shipping)
Standard Portrait, 8×10 in,
21×26 cm 54 Pages
Proline Pearl photo paper


Follow me i’ll be right behind you — (Series I)

This project presents an enigma of surreal, abstract and minimal visuals. The imagery in this book may not be easily understood and it is one of the main objectives to allow viewers to discover and develop their own perceptions about the images in the book. It has always been intriguing to hear people’s views on the images I have produced in the past, and it has always been my pleasure to delve into the minds of the viewers. (November, 2017)

$40.00 (6.99 shipping)
Standard Portrait, 8×10 in, 21×26 cm
62 Pages